Error messages: Mercado Pago

Learn about the possible causes of rejected payments in the Mercado Pago gateway, understanding their error messages and each solution.

With Rebill, you can to integrate different payment gateways, choosing which one to charge with in each of your products and subscriptions.

In the same way, would by necessary to know, follow and - if possible - solve the rejected payments.

What is a rejected payment?

It's a transaction that, for some reason (for example: error in the data entered, insufficient funds or fraud alert), could not be completed successfully.

Understanding their respective reason and how to drive the solution proactively will allow you to reduce the number of rejected payments in the future.

Error messages: Mercado Pago

All the reasons, error messages and solutions for payments rejected in the Mercado Pago gateway.

Error messageMeaningSolution
cc_rejected_high_riskThe transaction was not approved by Mercado Pago's anti-fraud system.Review data entered (must match the card information and billing address) or change email/payment method. Requesting more data from your customer can prevent this type of error, by optimizing security validation.
cc_rejected_insufficient_amountInsufficient funds.Load funds or change payment method.
cc_rejected_other_reasonThe bank rejected the payment and the reason was not reported to the gateway.Change payment method. Requesting more data to you customer can prevent this type of error, by optimizing security validation.
cc_rejected_bad_filled_card_numberWrong card number.Review card number or change payment method.
cc_rejected_bad_filled_dateWrong card expiration date.Review expiration date or change payment method.
cc_rejected_bad_filled_otherWrong payment information.Review payment information or change payment method.
cc_rejected_bad_filled_security_codeWrong card security code (CVV).Review card security code (CVV) or change payment method.
cc_rejected_blacklistThe email entered has been blacklisted by Mercado Pago.Change payment method.
cc_rejected_call_for_authorizeCall the issuer to request authorization.Call the issuer to authorize payment or change payment method.
cc_rejected_card_disabled Card disabled.Call the issuer to activate the card or change payment method.
cc_rejected_card_errorThis card could not be processed.Change payment method.
cc_rejected_duplicated_paymentCheck if there is no recent payment with identical characteristics.Change payment method.
cc_rejected_invalid_installmentsThe payment method cannot process installments.Retry with a payment method that supports installment transactions.
cc_rejected_max_attemptsAttempt limit reached.Change payment method.