All features that will give you payment-collection super powers

One-time payments and Subscriptions

Quickly and easily collect one-time payments or automate your subscriptions collection in the preferred currency and frequency. Also, use all subscription-related features such as free-trials, set a debit date, upgrade and downgrade plans for your customers and much more, update your customer payment method information and more.

It also gives allows your business to offer a wide range of local payment methods, making available the preferred payment method for your customers while delivering a powerfull and robust payment experience.

Checkout Landing

Rebill lets you have your own no-code checkout landings, so that you can start collecting payments in a few clicks. Create them in a few seconds, customizing the data you want to request and adapting it to your brand identity adding your company's logo.

In addition, you can create multiple checkout landings to sell the same product in different countries and currencies.

## Card storage

Obtain instantly the PCI DSS certification – from the very moment you start using our service –, to save your customers' payment information securely once they make a payment to your business and automating payment collecti

Customer portal

Improve your customer experience with a 100% customizable and ready-to-use portal, which you can easily create with Rebill. In this way, your customers can take control of everything related to their payments and subscriptions, so that they can…

  • Upgrade or downgrade their plan (without unsubscribing).
  • Cancel their subscription.
  • Modify the payment method.
  • Modify their personal detail information such as their email, name, last name and shipping address.

Other benefits

Other features you can take advantage of with Rebill.

Instant human customer support

We provide you a fast and agile attention, 100% optimized for your business’ needs. Our teams work constantly for your growth.

Metrics Dashboard

Follow your operation's main KPIs such as Gross Volume, Success Payments, Rejected Payments, MRR, ARR, Churn Rate, Customer Lifetime Value and more.

Email & SMS

Optimize your customer lifecycle with automated and omnichannel communications, setting up your own email domain and SMS templates, triggered by different events (successful payment, rejected payment, late payment, etc.).

Custom Soft Descriptor

Customize the detail of the charge your customers will see in their card statement and online banking records so they can identify quickly what the charge is being made for, avoiding it to be counter-charged.


Find out and follow detailed information for all your charges: successful, refunded, and rejected payments, as well as new customers, recurring subscriptions, one-time charges and cyclic subscriptions.

Automatic retries

Set your own frequency rules to automatically retry failed subscription payments, reducing customer churn and increasing your retention rate.

Account hierarchy

Manage all your franchises, subsidiaries and business units from the same control panel, tracking clearly the payments and revenue of all your accounts, both in the general level and in the different sub-organizations.

In this way, you can find out the whole picture of your collections ("mother" account), as well as the particular performance of each sub-organization ("daughter" accounts).