Freemium Plans

You can create freemium plans that fit your business strategy. Offer a payment structure that grants limited access to your customers as a means of captivating their interest

Freemium models are a smart start in the subscription world. They’re an effective approach to attract a broader audience by offering a taste of your services without an immediate cost. It's like opening the door for potential customers to experience the quality you provide, encouraging them to consider your paid options.

These plans are excellent for drawing in an audience. When people have the opportunity to try before they buy, they're more inclined to engage with your service. Once they experience the value you offer, upgrading to a paid plan becomes a more appealing choice. It's a way of showcasing a preview and then inviting them to the full experience.

With Rebill, creating a Freemium Plan is as easy as clicking on the "Generate free subscription plan" checkbox. This will automatically set all of your subscription plan's prices to zero.

Freemium plans reach their full potential when paired with effective up-selling strategies. Rebill offers the tools needed to guide customers from free to paid services seamlessly. Learn more about up-selling with Rebill here.