Installments Overview

Allow your customers to pay by installments when doing a checkout by credit card.

Installments provide customers with the flexibility to spread the cost of their purchases over time, reducing barriers to completing their transactions and potentially decreasing churn. This adds up to a win-win equation for both your business and your customers. Learn more about our Installments feature in this guide.

Installments in Checkout Landing

In our Checkout Landing, we've already built a seamless process for you. When a customer selects the credit card payment option, and if installments are applicable in their country, a dropdown menu will automatically appear, giving them the choice to pay in installments.

Keep in mind that what you are offering to your customers is just the possibility of paying this way: the installment plan – if it exists – will be in charge of the card provider.

Also, your payment must be one-time. This means that Installments are not compatible with recurrent or cyclical payments. See more on how to create one-time payments here.

You can offer Installments in Colombia and Chile with 0% APR (Annual Percentage Rate).