Payment Links

Create Payment Links seamlessly, share them with your customers and start collecting payments!


New Rebill Payment Links

These guides cover the legacy version of Rebill Payment Links. If you're using the latest version, click here to learn more about its structure and how it relates to Products and Plans. Bear in mind that the legacy version will be available on your dashboard until April 1, 2024.

Create a Payment Link

To set up a Payment Link from the dashboard, make sure you have a Product with pricing in your Organization. In the Prices view, click "Create Link" to configure the checkout information and optionally add a success page (callback URL) for an enhanced user experience.

Depending on the countries you have chosen to operate in, certain information will be asked in the moment of the checkout. This might vary accordingly to each payment method and country documentation required from the customer. However, you'll also be able to ask for additional information, display your Organization's logo, and more.

You can also edit your Payment Link once it's created, so no need to worry if you need to make some adjustments.

Easy as that. Now, you can share Payment Links to your customers through the communication channels which best suits your business and start collecting payments all across Latin America!