Plan Categories & Up-selling

Rebill takes your subscription strategy to the next level by enabling effective up-selling. With our platform, you can group various plans under the same category, paving the way for more sophisticated marketing strategies. This functionality allows you to seamlessly introduce higher-tier plans or additional features to your existing customer base. By categorizing plans, you can guide your customers through a journey from basic offerings to more comprehensive packages, enhancing their experience and increasing your revenue potential.

Imagine having a customer on a basic plan. With Rebill's categorization, you can effortlessly suggest a premium plan within the same category that includes more features or better terms. This method of up-selling is not just efficient; it's also customer-friendly. It helps your customers find the best fit for their needs without feeling overwhelmed by too many choices.

In addition, Rebill will automatically calculate the apportionment to be charged, considering the cost of the new plan and the difference (we'll explain it later).

Create a new plan category

In order to create a new plan category, follow these steps:

  • Head over to Subscriptions, located at the top navigation bar.
  • Click on Categories at the left sidebar, then on Create category.
  • Once you've set a name for the new category, you'll be able to assign the subscription plans you wish to be grouped under it according to your business strategy.


Requirements to group plans under categories

For the up-selling feature to work, there's a few considerations to bear in mind. Firstly, the plans grouped under a category must have same subscription frequency (monthly, semi-annual, annual, etc). Also, the subscription plans must have the same currencies available.

How to change a customer’s plan?

  1. Go to your “subscriptions” section, where you will see the recently created subscription, or you can search by customer email. Once you've located it, click on “change plan”.

  1. Select the new plan for that customer (in this case, we suppose that the customer wants to upgrade from a freemium plan to a standard one).

Select the price to which the amount will be upgraded.

  1. Rebill will automatically calculate the correct amount to be charged, considering the cost of the new plan and discounting the remaining balance (based on the period used from the previous plan).

  1. By clicking on “change plan”, the plan will be updated, and Rebill will instantly calculate the proportional amount that will be charged upon the next billing date. In the same way, you can move a customer to a lower plan, also making the corresponding pro-rate.

With Rebill, you can avoid the hassle of sharing additional payment links or waiting for customers to complete new purchases, among other impractical tasks. As we've just seen, the entire up-selling process is designed to empower your business and enhance the user experience for both you and your customers.