Plans Overview

Create and manage subscription plans easily with Rebill and propel your business forward.


New Rebill Plans

These guides cover the latest version of Rebill Plans, along with its new structure and workflows for handling subscriptions. If you're using the legacy version, click here to learn more about its structure and how it relates to legacy Products and Payment Links. Bear in mind that the legacy version will be available on your dashboard until April 1, 2024.

With Plans in Rebill, you’re equipped to offer subscription services that are not just key to your business logic, but also compelling and convenient for your customers. Subscription plans will enable you to set specific configurations such as plan frequency, subscription length, and more. Use Rebill’s Plans to craft that structure efficiently and effectively, driving your business forward.

Create a new Plan

For creating a new plan, you'll need to go to Subscriptions > Create Plan.

We've crafted this plan creation process to deliver the best user experience. Here you'll be able to set all the specifications that make up the core needs of every business model. Let's begin with an overview of how the Create Plan view looks like.

Now, let's break down the key aspects of what we've just seen:

Plan nameYour new plan's name. This will be the title your customers see on the payment link.
Plan descriptionYour new plan's description. Here you can add additional information regarding the subscription plan.
FreemiumCheckbox that indicates wether the subscription plan is Freemium mode.
Plan priceSet a price for each currency that fits your operational scope. You can only assign one price for a specific currency.
Plan frequencyDecide wether you want your plan to be charged monthly, annually, or every six months. You can also specify a "Frequency setting" if you need the plan to end after a given number of charges. Example: A monthly subscription that ends after 12 charges.
Subscription lengthFor a non-expiring subscription plan, select 'Automatic renewal,' which will charge your customers at the chosen frequency indefinitely. To create a subscription that terminates after a set number of payments, choose 'Ends after N charges' and specify the count of billing cycles.
Collection dateYou can choose to charge the subscription on a specific day of the month. Though this is not the default behavior, there might be some use cases where this option holds relevance.
Custom data for IntegrationsThis metadata is useful for storing additional, structured information on an object. For instance, you can use metadata to store the unique identifier associated with a plan for integration with an e-commerce system.

When you create a new plan, Rebill automatically generates a Payment Link. This link directs your customers to a tailored checkout page, displaying the price and currency relevant to their transaction's geographical location. You don't need to worry about this, Rebill handles it for you!

Go to Plans Detail to see how you can edit, archive and view your newly created plan.