Products Family

A feature that lets you create different groups of products, to later make subscription updates (upgrades or downgrades) in a single click.

A customer who has contracted one of your subscriptions can request a plan change, be it an upgrade (for example, from the "basic" plan to the "premium") or a downgrade (for example: from the "premium" plan to the "basic").

For these cases, you must group 2 or more products into a products family, creating your subscription plans.

For example:

Let's suppose that the “basic” plan only allows your customer access to the basic features of your platform, while the “signature” plan enables all features. The “premium” plan, on the other hand, is an intermediate option.

Product A: Basic Plan. Price: $10

Product B: Premium Plan. Price: $30

Product C: Signature Plan. Price: $50

The products family feature lets you move your customer from product A to product B or C (or vice versa) in a few seconds, without the need to unsubscribe.

In addition, Rebill will automatically calculate the apportionment to be charged, considering the cost of the new plan and the difference (we'll explain it later).

Requirements to create a products family

The products to be grouped must have…

  • Same subscription frequency (monthly, weekly, annual, etc).
  • Same currency.

¿How to create a products family?

Create a new products family and establish which products will be associated.

  1. Access the “products families” section in the Rebill main menu.

  2. Click on “create products family” and enter a name and description (optional) for your products family.

  3. Once created, go to “detail” and click on “assign product” to start assigning your products.

  4. Select your first product from the dropdown menu (all previously created products will appear).

  1. Once the second product is assigned (remember that they must share frequency, gateway and currency), your product family will be created!

How to change a customer’s plan?

If a client requests it.

  1. Enter “subscriptions” section, where you will see the recently created subscription. Then click on “change plan”.

  1. Select the new plan for that customer (in this case, we suppose that the customer wants to upgrade from "basic" to "premium").

  1. Rebill will automatically calculate the apportionment to be charged, considering the cost of the new plan and discounting the remaining balance (based on the period used from the previous plan).

  1. By clicking on “change plan”, the plan will be updated, and Rebill will instantly apportion the billing.

In the same way, you can move a customer to a lower plan, also making the corresponding pro-rate.