Why Rebill?

A gateway where you always get human support and you only pay for what you use, no hidded costs or fees

Scale in Latin America is hard enough by it self to make it even harder by not being able to project your costs or fees when collecting payments. Rebill is here to be the gateway that helps you cover the most complex billing scenarios, but most importantly to be that partner who you can trust by paying only what you use, no hidded fees.

You can rest assure that your company will be collecting payments with a partner that will have humans waiting to anwer your enquiries, no bots or waiting queues, just World Class customer support.

Rebill gateway and platform focuses on bringing billing solutions to companies off all sizes and industries, but mainly Ed-Tech, E-Learning, Saas and Med-Tech companies who are looking to collect payments in Latin America, while using automation, card tokenization and subscription management features to scale exponentially from one single platform.

What can you do with Rebill

  • Collect payments in local currency from +10 countries in LATAM.
  • Accept the main local payments methods of the region: debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers and cash deposits.
  • Get approval rates of over 90%.
  • Get transparency in your payment operations costs. No hidded costs or fees.
  • Always get answers from a human, no bots or automated support.
  • Easily collect payments with Rebill or other regional payment gateways such as Stripe, Mercado Pago or dLocal.