At Rebill, we've designed a Dashboard that's intuitive, balancing the complexity of payment processing features with an easy and accesible experience. Keep track of the KPIs of your collections, subscriptions and revenue in one place.

What KPIs can you measure with Rebill?

Information is key to success. Every piece of data that is related to payments & subscriptions within your business has huge potential for your growth. Here's a list of every insight you can harness with Rebill's Dashboard:

Gross volumeGross Volume represents the total amount obtained through all sales and commercial transactions made.
New customersTotal number of customers making a payment for the first time, including one-time, recurring, cyclical, and freemium payments.
Successful paymentsTotal number of payments successfully processed.
Active subscribersTotal number of customers who have at least one active recurring subscription, including those in a retrying or delinquent state. Cyclical subscriptions are not considered in this count.
MRRMRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) is the best way to measure the financial performance of a recurring revenue company. It represents the normalized monthly income from all active and overdue subscriptions..
ARPSARPS (Average Revenue Per Subscriber) is an indicator that represents the average revenue generated per subscriber. It is calculated by dividing the total income from active subscriptions by the number of subscribers.
Subscriber lifetime valueTotal revenue expected to be obtained from the average subscriber before they churn.
Subscriber churn ratePercentage of customers who cancel their subscriptions within a 30-day period.
Churned revenueAmount lost due to subscription cancellations. It measures the financial impact of the subscriber churn rate on the company.
ARRARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) is the total normalized annual income from all active and overdue subscriptions, including those in the process of automatic retry due to failed payments or delayed payments.
New subscriptionsIndicates the number of recurring subscriptions in any state, excluding cyclical subscriptions.
Cyclic subscriptionsTotal number of cyclical payment products sold in your organization.
One time paymentsTotal number of one-time payments (that means that subscriptions or cyclical payments are not included).
Rejected paymentsTotal number of failed payments.
Refunded paymentsTotal number of refunded payments.

Important: all the metrics related to your subscriptions only include recurring payment products (not those cyclical or one-time).

Advanced features

To enhance the precision of your analysis, you have the option to apply time filters and view each of these metrics in your preferred currency.

Currency conversions are executed based on the official exchange rates of the specified currency.

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